Samsung HD753LJ and WindowsXP partition utillity

Samsung HD753LJ

Samsung HDD

I got my hands on this piece of hardware about one week ago, and first impression is rather nice. After plug-in it to PC everything went smooth, motherboard detect it without any problems [Asus A8N-E nForce4]. Next step that i did was run, under WindowsXP, partition utility to create appropriate logical drives. From that point win horror began.

My setup: system partition – 30GB NTFS, 322 GB NTFS and 347 GB NTFS.

After formatting drives and rebooting OS, bios started to detect drive in CHS manner instead of LBA. Fresh install of Windows onto that drive failed after first reboot. It’s confusing because CHS has a limitation, like 528MB maximum partition size, so how come bios use it? Well… to this day it’s mystery to me why that happens.

And after some thinking i figured out that using Linux is the way it should be done. Booting Ubuntu Live-CD and partitioning in it solved everything. After reboot bios sees it again as LBA, WindowsXP installs without any problems and everything runs flawless to this day.

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