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Customizing environment on Windows (separate build paths)

First of all this title is a little misleading, but due to lack of better idea I decided to leave it as it is.

What this article is about (brief explanation)?
When You build an application most of the IDE (of Your choice) set up for You automatically system variables, like system “path” variable for example. That’s allow IDE to find appropriate libraries and use/link them. For example I use QtCreator to build Qt application and on application start up QtCreator set up system “path” variable and adds path to QtSDK, i.e. “c:\Qt”. That way when I press “run” in IDE application finds all dependences (dll) and runs fine. Problem starts when I close QtCreator, due to unset path variables, I can’t no longer run my application (at least not when path variables don’t point to the QtSDK directory with libraries). Read the rest of this entry »

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