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“Distributed Bucket Rendering” in Autodesk 3DS Max

Creating advanced 3D scenes is really hard, especially when poly count start to reach thousands faces and everything slows down. Test renders take like minutes to complete.

I’ve got three computers, so I thought to myself why not to use them all at once?  After some search I found a solution, in “3ds max” help files, which is “Backburner”. It’s basically software that allows you to build “render farm”. You setup “servers” and “clients” that will do a rendering. Works fine, but that solution was not exactly what i searched for. Because deal with “Backburner”  is that, that you need to submit max file to render. After that, server redistribute pieces of frame/animation to “clients”, and saves output. It’s good solution if your work is done, so you can focus only on a rendering. Read the rest of this entry »

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