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distance measurement [3DS Max Script]

This is a simple script for 3DS Max that measure distance between camera and selected object.
It came really hand when You work with the, for example, DOF or some XSI ink shader that uses distance values to perform some actions. Normally taper is used for this task but it’s an hassle to set it up. I wanted something really fast.
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Simple but effective bash script [network adapters]

In some cases, where for example particular sets of commands is frequently used, really handy “tool” to simplify life can be used. I talk here about bash scripting.

What script does? To put it simple, scripts allows to write a sets of command in “specific way” that will be interpreted by shell (in this case “/bin/bash”). These scripts can perform from simple task like rm’ing temp files to really advanced stuff, only limitation here is a imagination and programing skills.

Below is my sample script that I use to manage my network connections. I wrote it because I have a need to change my network settings depending on my location or ‘particular needs’ and doing it by hand can be frustrating and simply takes too long. Script is fairly simple yet effective. Read the rest of this entry »

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