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Beware of over / under clocking

There is no question that over and under clocking could cause system instability that could lead either to loose of data or system hangs, so why write about this? Because system stability, as I found hard way, is also OS specific.

Common way to decrease system power usage is undervolting components so that way, even thought they do operate within same spec, they do use less power to do so. Less power equals to less heat being generated, so this also helps to decrease component temperature a bit.

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QtThreads are not scary! – part 1 – How not to write It

From my experience QThread class can be somewhat confusing to use. Mostly due to how they work, not because they are hard, so here is a short explanation what and how to use threads in qT.
In the first place why to use threads? Threads are useful for heavy duty or computation expensive tasks that cause GUI to freeze. In example video compression takes a long time and is very CPU intensive. If that task is run on the same thread as you main GUI, in main application thread, program don’t receive events and operating system mark it as non responsive. Of course, if application is well written, after video compression GUI “unfreeze” and program works fine after that. This behaviour is not expected, because user don’t rally know if program works correctly or not. Read the rest of this entry »

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Static qT compilation and mingwm10.dll (MinGW) confusion.

After some reading, on the web, about MinGW compiler It comes to my attention that using static qT build without mingwm10.dll could cause memory leeks. That’s due to specific job that mingwm10 perform, with is catch dying threads and clean up data after them and handle exception in code. This is probably the reason, why by default, MinGW links that library in the first place. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to prevent Windows registry corruption

I want to point out that this text is not “how to fix” error itself, but the idea of how to prevent or protect yourself from that kind of errors.bsod

Few days ago while Windows startup I stumble upon BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Main problem was registry corruption that could occur because of HDD hardware malfunction (i.e. bad block) or many other reasons.  Read the rest of this entry »


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qt static , mingwm10.dll and deployment under windows environment

After spending countless hours creating functions, algorithms and design, You application finally is done. And what now? At this point important decision must be made. Do I deploy it using Qt dynamic or static library? Under Window environment it’s unusual to redistribute application with “many dll’s” (at least with many Qt libs). In that case linking it dynamically is pointless. Another choice is to build, and link it against, Qt statically. In some cases it can be really pain in an … Read the rest of this entry »

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